8 Heads of power

manafacture has 8 heads available for your job. powered by ricoma.



We lay down thousands of stitches! Bring your job in and we'll take a look at pricing for you.

We have embroidered on everything from; shirts, hats, belts, hoodies, bags and more.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions.

3d embroidery

Instant style points with 3d Puff

Nothing really sells faster than a clean 3d puff embroidery. While it does have its limits, it can elevate any design.

Digitizing needs to be done special for designs like these, let us handle that and get you the best product possible.

custom locations

Got a sleeve to embroider? No problem

We pride oursleves in our ability to get almost any location embroidered. With our specially designed frames, we can get the needle on most surfaces.

Our motto is, "If we can get it flat, we can embroider that." If you're unsure, feel free to get in contact with us and we can assist you.

Customer provided gear

Damage allowance

Should you need to bring custom items in, it is important to note that we require a 2% damage allowance for customer provided blanks. This is due to there being unforeseen issues sometimes that can damage merchandise.

Bringing in 1-2 extra pieces can make sure that you get all products done right.

Keep it local

Accessible and Transparent Service

Located in Wailuku, should you choose us to take care of your embroidery needs, you can stop by and check out the status of your job.

We also have an open line of communication and we encourage interaction so we can better serve you.

Chroma Luxe

In-House Digitzing Available

Got a design but it isn't embroidery-ready? No worries, we can digitize the design for you for a flat one-time fee of $25 per design.

For questions, quotes, etc. Get in touch with us. Mahalo!